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While I was volunteering at Vaidyagrama in 2016, I noticed that many people were struggling with going through the process of Pañchakarma. It’s a difficult process, because it strips away toxins and traumas that have been stored in the body. 

I decided to organize groups to help people experience Pañchakarma with support.

Ayurveda says that the 4 things necessary for successful treatment of patients are the physician, the medicines, the attendant and the patient. I view my role in organizing groups to go to Vaidyagrama as that of the attendant, a support person.

Before we leave for Vaidyagrama, I offer two online conference calls to prepare the participants for the experience. India is a very different culture and while Vaidyagrama is a lovely place, it is quite different from anywhere in the US. We will discuss what to bring, how to apply for a visa, what to expect, talk about any concerns and reservations you may have and set intentions for what you want to receive from this experience.

While at Vaidyagrama, I am available to listen and support you through your process. We will meet once daily as a group to share our experiences and concerns. While I won’t intercede between you and your doctor, I will help you to understand why they are asking you to do certain things. I will most likely also be receiving treatment, but I’m available at any time to support you in your process.

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