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Relaxation and Rejuvenation

This relaxing and rejuvenating treatment creates an experience of peace and calm in both the body and the mind, leaving the face transformed into radiance. The channels of the mind, prāṇa (the essential life force) and the lymph are stimulated, as the lymph is transported away from the face, stimulating blood flow in the deep layers of the skin. Rich, luxurious oils and detoxifying, herbalized clays are applied to the face. As the clay is detoxifying the skin, work is performed on the hands and feet to promote relaxation of every cell in the body. Marma points (similar to acupressure points) are stimulated on the face. The entire central nervous system is influenced through the attention to the head, neck and ears. The physical body, mind and energy body are all three enhanced by this treatment.

60 minutes    $130

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