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Herbal Compress Balls


My personal Panchakarma experiences have absolutely changed my life for the better.


While studying Ayurveda, I learned about the potential benefits of Panchakarma, but I also understood that it was quite difficult to go through. In 2016, I was volunteering at Vaidyagrama, an Ayurvedic Healing Village in Tamil Nadu. At the end of that experience, I decided to receive Panchakarma. I had been giving hot oil treatments as part of the volunteer work during the hottest part of the year with daily temperatures averaging around 100 degrees F, and my body was completely out of balance. I had a terrible rash on my shins that was persistent and wouldn’t go away.


The treatments cleared the rash and did so much more. 


I have been fortunate to have received Panchakarma three times so far. The process has helped me to learn about my body in such a deep and meaningful way. The main physical benefit I have noticed is the ease with which I moved through menopause. When I was younger and after giving birth to my son, I was not always good to my body. I was always busy running from one thing to the next, and I carried an excess of stress for the majority of my reproductive years. I was very concerned that treating my body poorly for so many years would make the transition through menopause difficult for me. That has not been the case and receiving pancha karma is what I think helped me reset my body and hormones in a way that allowed this stage of life to be smoother than it would have been without the treatments.


Another huge benefit I see after going through this process is the shift in my mind. In the past, I had been held prisoner by my mind and I spent a tremendous amount of time addicted to suffering. This process helped to clear the channels of the body and the mind so that I can think more clearly and let go of old patterns and ways of thinking. My personal experience is that the treatments and herbs help to clear long held memories and emotions that get lodged in the physical body, creating physical pain and disease.

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