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Ayurvedic Healing Adventure of a Lifetime India Trip

21 or 28 days at an authentic and remote Ayurvedic Healing Village in Tamil Nadu, India for Panchakarma--an Ayurvedic detox and rejuvenation program

October 3 to 23 or 30, 2023

Join Belinda for an Ayurvedic Healing Adventure of a lifetime India trip.

Each Ayurvedic healing program is designed by the doctors specifically for the individual, based on your constitution, current state of balance, and the time you have available (21 or 28 days).


During this India trip, some individuals will go through a deep cleansing process followed by rejuvenation, and others may go through a more nourishing and rebuilding rejuvenation process, all based on the doctor's assessment of the needs of the individual.


This process works at a cellular level on all of the tissues of the body to clear deeply embedded physical and emotional impressions (samskaras).


It is a life-changing process that doesn’t end with the 21 or 28-day stay at the center during this India trip. 21 days are required for Pancha Karma to be effective. 

Whether one is dealing with anxiety, menopause, weight gain, skin issues, arthritis, or deeper issues, Pancha Karma can have a detoxifying and rejuvenating effect on the body.


Contact Belinda to see if you might benefit from this ancient, deeply cleansing and rebuilding process.


Previous Participant Feedback

Our trip with you in 2016 was life changing on so many levels. If anyone is thinking of joining Belinda…just do it!! ~Tobey

What Tobey said!!!! ~Sue

I highly recommend this trip having done panchakarma at this hospital with Belinda's support. ~Cindy

This is the real deal. I spent 35 days Pancha Karma here with Belinda. Very beneficial. Belinda's support is excellent. ~Sharon

Panchakarma trip: Pouring Massage Oil


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Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 11.33.43 AM.png


  • 21 or 28 days at the Ayurvedic Healing Center

  • delightfully spacious, relaxing accommodations

  • three Ayurvedic, vegetarian meals per day, plus herbal tea and fruit 

  • all treatments and herbal medicines taken at the Center

  • daily consultations with doctors

  • meditation/prayer 2 times per day

  • guided herbal plant walks

  • Ayurvedic cooking classes

  • classes on making your medications at home

  • daily yoga nidra (deep healing relaxation)

  • daily Q&A session (satsang) with the doctors

  • lots of time to choose to do nothing!

  • Pre-trip logistics support and intention setting calls with Belinda*

  • Short, daily group meetings with Belinda* at the Center for those who are interested

Not included in the Fees for this India trip:

  • the international flight to India and the domestic flight to Coimbatore (estimate of $1500+)

  • transportation to the Ayurvedic Healing Village from the airport (although this will be arranged for you)

  • tips to the staff (if you feel so inclined)

  • laundry service

  • telephone and wi-fi usage

  • incidentals purchased during the trip

  • approximately $50-60 per month for 3 months of take-home medicines


A deposit of $1500 will save your space for this life-changing India trip opportunity. Please email me if you have any difficulty making the deposit.

Head Massage


Regular Rates if paid in full after April 30, 2024:

  • 21 days with private room* $6100

  • 21 days with shared room* $5400

  • 28 days with private room* $8000

  • 28 days with shared room* $7100

The last day to register is June 15, 2024.

Fees for regular rates can be broken up into monthly payments between now and August 30th. Contact Belinda for a payment plan.












Full Payment for 21 Days India Trip, Shared or Private:






Full Payment for 28 Days India Trip, Shared or Private:






















  • By April 30, 2024: 100% refund minus $100 admin plus any banking fees accrued from the payment

  • By June 15, 2024: 50% refund

  • After June 15, 2024: All payments are non-refundable

*This year I have been informed that there are limited private rooms available for this India trip. Reserve your spot early with a deposit to guarantee a private room, please. Sharing the room means sharing with one other person.







Panchakarma in India: Comfortable, clearn accommodations
people sitting around listening to a talk at Vaidyagrama, the place where I take people for panchakarma

Read a first-hand account of a Pañchakarma India trip experience at Vaidyagrama by Jyoti Pande Lavakare

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