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I'm happy to be offering Āyurvedic Treatments and Consultations in person and Consultations online at two regular locations. The Center for Family Well-Being in Washington, DC (most weekends) and Union Bridge, MD (most weekdays).

To find the location nearest you, please find the service you would like to book, click on "Book Now", then choose the location nearest you under "filter" at the top.


 Treatments are offered on a sliding scale to help those who are in need. Unfortunately, my website doesn't allow an actual sliding scale, so I have 4 different prices for each treatment that you can choose from. 


If you don't like using the online booking system or if you have any difficulties booking, please feel free to email me for an appointment.


Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in full charge for the service.

I find Belinda's work sublime. Supremely nourishing and restorative.
Belinda is attuned, skilled and responsive to each person individually..
As a somatically trained, sensitive and fairly picky person about <bodywork> of any kind for myself, I experience Belinda's sessions as the ones I can trust. ~DB
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